How To Buy An Acoustic Guitar

Buying a guitar can be a confusing experience to a lot of people.
Even professional players can agonize over trying to figure out exactly what they need or want to use to get the best out of their playing, so here’ s a quick guide as to things I think that might help

Firstly, Ive been building or repairing guitars for over twenty years and have seen the attachment and relationships some players form with their instruments so dont let anyone tell you its just a bit of wood with strings on it.!!

It is somthing that alot of people form a bond with as it is an extension of themselves,you the player
First tip is- buy the best guitar you can afford
Basically there are two type of construction ,laminated or solid timbers and guitars range in price from budget type to boutique,you can buy them in starter packs (entry level) from about $200 (with bags,tuners,straps etc) all included to high end guitars worth many thousands of dollars and everything in between.

Laminated guitars – Most entry level guitars are built of laminated timber (ie a ply timber with a nice looking veneer)
There are pros and cons with this sort of construction,
Pros are,laminated guitars can be built cheaply,are very tough construction wise and tuning wise are pretty stable.

Cons are , being a laminated top (the part of the guitar with the hole in it) where the sound and tone is generated,generally have way less volume and tone than that of a solid top guitar as the ply has layers of glue in it which dampens the resonance of the timber down.

Basically the sound of your guitar will always stay the same and wont mature in volume or tone as would a solid top guitar.
Solid timber guitars – As mentioned , solid timber guitars do generate a lot more volume and tone due to the higher resonance of the sold timber.

Most of a guitars volume and tone are generated by the guitars top (the area between the bridge and back end of the instrument) and although you can buy higher end guitars with solid backs and sides,the extra tone and volume generated by having solid backs and side is debatable as the timbers are muted by either being bent (sides) or being pressed against the player the (back).
Pros- better tone and volume up front and your instrument will get even better with age and playing.

Usually also has better quality hardware (tuning keys,fret board, frets,bridge timbers etc)
Usually has a better brand equity ie – you go to re sell it you will get a decent resale price.

Lastly, every bit of timber is different,so if you pick up a guitar,fall in love with it, BUY THAT GUITAR, not one in a box as they will not be the same.
Many a customer has played an instrument on the wall and loved it only to get given the same model guitar in a box,get it home and then be disappointed as it didnt sound or play the same as the one they tried – wood is like a finger print, every bit of wood is different and will sound different on each instrument –

Staff at Joondalup Music Centre are there to help you through any questions you may have so if your in the store dont hesitate to ask any question you wish and well do our best to point you in the right direction.

Peter – Owner / Reparier at Joondalup Music Centre