Arriving July 2022

Pratley acoustics are hand-crafted in Australia, using premium quality Australian tonewoods.

We're excited to announce that Joondalup Music Centre will be adding Pratley guitars to our lineup of premium acoustic guitars this July!

"Our aim is to produce world class instruments with unique design and character while maintaining a classic appeal that will endure."

Sustainable Australian Tonewoods

Australian Tonewoods are used almost exclusively at Pratley Guitars.

They have a passion for using the native timber, sourced from our beautiful country. Using Australian tone-woods gives Pratley acoustic guitars a voicing that stands out among international brands.

Using local native timber species also allows Pratley guitars to be much more environmentally friendly. Instead of importing timber from different countries all over the world they use a number of premium tonewoods that grow within 4 hours drive of their factory. This combined with the fact that the Bunya soundboards come from trees that can be harvested after 30 - 40 years, compared to traditional Spruce which often comes from trees which are 200 + years old.


  • Queensland Bunya

  • Queensland Maple Silkwood

  • Tasmanian Blackwood

  • Queensland Silver Quandong

Premium Fit and Finish

Pratley extend the same kind of premium quality to the rest of their appointments, with their acoustics featuring:

  • Nitrocellulose finishes

  • Graphtech nuts and saddles

  • Pratley-branded machine heads produced by Gotoh Japan (16:1 ratio)

  • L.R. Baggs electronics

  • Premium hard cases

  • Optimised SCARF JOINT HEAD ANGLE to provide a good string break angle and superior strength

  • High performance NECK CARVE with 2-way adjustable truss rod & twin torsion bars. Both Truss rod & torsion bars run across the 14th fret body intersection which prevents any hump forming.

  • Truss rod & bars run the full length of the neck allows for a more even relief arc from 1st to last fret.

  • NECK POCKET – Pratley use a set neck joining method which means the full thickness neck is glued into a solid timber pocket. The natural taper of the neck when fitted into the pocket creates a wedge joint similar to a horizontal dovetail.

  • FLOATING FRETBOARD – The end of the fretboard sits just above the soundboard. Many companies compromise the soundboard geometry to create the correct angle to glue on the fretboard. Traditional stringed instruments (violin, cello) also do this as it allows the maker to focus on the voice of the soundboard without compromise.

  • ACOUSTIC BODY CONSTRUCTION – Pratley use Australian tone-woods for their body’s. Their backs have a 4.5M radius dome with premium quarter sawn bunya braces and the sides are joined to the top and back with a proprietary laser kerf lining. These linings give a greater gluing surface area for the same width which improves resonant transfer between the top, sides & back.

  • TOP BRACES are also made from premium quarter sawn Bunya. They have designed the A-X top bracing pattern to prevent bridge roll (top belly-ing) while enhancing the articulation and sweetness of the tone.

Artist Roster

Pratley guitars are played by a number of amazing Australian artists

  • Ash Grunwald

  • The Teskey Brothers

  • John Butler

  • Jack Carty

  • Ash Jackson – Awaken I Am

  • Chris ‘Far’ Maguire – The Mission In Motion

  • Kenny Griffiths – The Mission In Motion

  • Troy Brady – The Amity Affliction

  • Luke Palmer – Dead Letter Circus

  • Dave Nankervis – MEST

  • Damion Jones - The Montgomery Brothers

  • Stephen "Nudge" Cook - Lance Friend Band

  • Michael Eotvos

Check them out in-store and online!

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