The Tenor Ukulele for increased scale length and dynamic sound, still ideal for finger finger picking styles. With a stunning selection of ukeleles, ranging from standard soprano through to a ukulele with preamp options, premium Solid Top versions and exotic wood finish options, Ashton has a range that offers everyone their ideal choice for ukeleles! The Tenor Ukulele is becoming more mainstream as people get used to it's size and deeper sound to the standard Soprano and Concert forms. With a scale length of 17.5 and 18-fret range, the Tenor offers the longest common scale for G, C, E, A tuning which makes for tight strings ideal for finger picking and any application that needs a stiff response.

SIZE: Tenor

TOP: Mahogany

BACK & SIDES: Mahogany


FINISH: Natural Satin Finish

STRINGS: Aquila Strings