Don’t Fret 1


  • Theory Unit: over 50 pages of explanations and worksheets divided into three comprehensive units.
  • Note Values, Staff, Clef, Time Signature, Notes of Pitch, Rests, Leger Lines, Dot’s, Ties, Slurs, Accidentals, Major Scales, Interval and Anacrusis.
  • Practical Unit: Basic Rhythm Work, Drum Kit Rhythms, Introduction to Keyboard and Juggling for coordination.


Don’t Fret 2

Don’t Fret 2 is the next stage of a music student’s theory development once they have completed Don’t Fret 1.

It contains worksheets and explanations on:

  • Compound Time
  • Transposition
  • Chord Inversions
  • Two Octave Major and Minor Scales and Intervals
  • Chord Formulas
  • Circle of 5th’s
  • The practical section is further development of the skills learnt in Don’t Fret 1.

Don’t Fret