When Native Instruments released the Komplete Kontrol S-series of keyboards it was pretty much a sure thing this would become the centerpiece for many producers and musicians in the studio and on stage.


Packed with a tone of revolutionary features that have really set the benchmark of what MIDI controllers can do if you have the Komplete Kontrol software.


Whilst the Komplete Kontrol software is amazing, this keyboard can easily be toggled to act as a standard MIDI controller for the use with popular DAWS and other MIDI compatible hardware or software. As this is standard with most MIDI controllers, it’s the quality of S-series keyboards that sets it apart from other general MIDI controllers. The keys have been manufactured by renowned company FATAR who are responsible for the keybeds found on high end synthesizer companies such as Moog and Dave Smith Instruments. All transport functions can still be used on popular DAWS and the 2 banks of 8 touch encoders can be easily assigned and named using the included Controller Editor software. The 2 touch strips are able to act and behave as more than just pitch bend and modulation wheels and the light guide above the keys can also be utilised to define colours of up to 16 keyboard splits. All of these features can be saved as custom templates for the use with plug-ins, synthesizers and DAW controls and with all the usual connections like MIDI in, out and expression inputs makes the S-49 keyboard a perfect companion for our other products.



  • Pro grade semi-weighted FATAR keybed
  • 2 touch strips for expression controls
  • 2 banks of 8 touch rotary encoders
  • Octave transpose buttons
  • DAW transport controls
  • Controller Editor Software
  • RGB lights above they keys
  • MIDI in, out and over USB
  • Two assignable pedal inputs
  • 15v power supply


$899.00 Regular Price
$450.00Sale Price