A combination of processor power and tube warmth that only Marshall can deliver.

The 100W Marshall JMD100 digital guitar amp head is a mixture of a high-quality digital preamp, a classic all-tube power amp and a studio-quality multi-effects unit, all wrapped up into one amazing Marshall package. JMD:1 series digital amp head uses technology to create a vast library of tone styles firmly rooted in the foundations of Marshall amplifiers. The JMD100 amplifier provides interpretations of unmistakable classic sounds, as well as cast variations of combinations. These are delivered in 16 easy-to-access topologies, replicated from component level information for a truly natural and interactive playing experience.

The Digital And Tube Combination For the Marshall JMD100 amp head
After working closely with the digital experts from Softube, Marshall is now proud to present a digital and tube amplifier solution that not only offers a multitude of tones, but also allows the guitarist to experience and experiment with a variety of pre-amplifier topologies from Marshall's history and all in combination with the power and warmth of a traditional EL34 based power amp stage. The Marshall JMD100 puts you in the seat of amp 'tweakers' and 'hot-rodders' across the globe without needing to touch a single wire, resistor or capacitor. The JMD100 is an insight into Marshall Amplification in a single box.

The Marshall JMD100 head is a compilation of tones created by Marshall over the last 45 years, from a vintage plexi, to a JCM 800 all the way through to a high gain JVM. For instance, have you ever wondered what a 1974 pre-amp would sound like through a monster 100W tube stage with a hint of reverb for ambience? The JMD100 amp lets you do that. Do you want to try a Guv'nor pedal through the power of a Marshall 50/50 power amp and a hi-fi style delay? Marshall's JMD100 lets you do that too. What makes this Marshall amp head so adaptable and versatile, is that it is completely programmable, allowing you to store your sounds and then access them again with ease.

A delicate balance between technology and tone
Instead of trying to mimic the overall sound of an amplifier by simply creating a copy of the tone that is generated, the Marshall JMD100 takes into account every nuance of a preamp. Not only recreating the tone accurately, but also how the unit reacts when you make adjustments to the equalization.

The familiar Marshall front panel is extensive in features and easy to navigate. Selecting the preamp sound you want is as simple as choosing one of the 16 sounds from the rotary preamp control. This section has been divided into 4 separate groupings for ease; Clean, Crunch, OD, and Lead. From there, all you have to do is set up your EQ section and choose and adjust which of the high-quality effects you desire. Storing this sound is just a case of holding down one of the 4 channel buttons on the amp or saving to the foot controller, storing everything from the EQ to the parameter of chosen effect. So now your able to go from a classic low wattage tube sound with a hint of reverb, to a traditional high gain '80s lead sound with delay for solos, to a scooped-out metal sound, incorporating chorus with the press of a button.

Marshall Custom FX
The effects section of the JMD100 amp head gives access to a host of popular effects, all of which have been tailored specifically to give the best possible response. Not only are the effects redesigned, they are also fully adjustable to be as subtle or extreme as you wish. The effects are divided into 3 separate stages, Modulation, Delay and also an independent Reverb.

Marshall Functionality”Studio To Stage
With the included footswitch, the JMD100 can work to its full ability. The foot controller enables the player to store 4 sounds across seven banks, giving the option of storing 28 sounds and the ability to access any of them at any given time. When sounds are stored in the foot controller or the amplifier it recalls everything apart from the master volume and the Presence. MIDI switching capabilities also allow the user to control the amplifier remotely, and add the possibilities of up to 128 configurations. Effects loops allow the player to add in any personalization they require, and the balanced line out contains the best Marshall speaker cabinet simulations for recording a multitude of tones directly.

Power rating: 100W
Preamp: Digital Natural Harmonic Technology
Power amp tubes: 4 x EL34
Preamp topologies: 16
Modulation effects: Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Tremolo
Delay effects: Hi-Fi Analog, Tape, Multi
Reverb: Independent custom voiced
Midi Control: Midi in, Midi Thru
Stompware controller: supplied
Emulated line out: XLR
Headphone out: 1/4" jack
Line in: 1/4" jack
Preamp: 1/4" jack
Effects loop: Serial / Parallel -10dBV / +4dB with mix control
Speaker output: 1x16 Ohm, 1x8 Ohm, 2x 16 Ohm
Developed in the UK, manufactured in China

Marshall JMD1 Series JMD100 100W Digital Guitar Amp Head

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