After several years of repeated researches and efforts, we are proud to finally introduce an even more versatile Reverb unit to our range. The Shim verb Pro comes from the heritage of our best selling Shimverb pedal, but with some major advances in design. Shimverb Pro uses floating-point DSP chips, new hardware which gives you a much wider space of development.The result is to make significantly improvement on the Shimmer and the Reverb effects. Shimverb Pro assembles five reverb effects including Room,Hall,Church,Plate,Spring,It is equipped with Decay knob which can adjust the room size for the reverb effect. Shimmer function adds a new feature------the combination of 5 switches and an Octave button, which creates a different effect and provides more versatility. Shimverb Pro has separated Shimmer foot-switch and Dry/Wet knob, Hi Cut/Low Cut function, plus stereo input and outputs.

MOOER Shimverb Pro Twin series Effect pedal