DIGITECH DOD Looking Glass Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

$ 299.00 AUD
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Craft the perfect reflection of your sound with the DOD Looking Glass drive pedal. Featuring intuitive controls and a circuit design by Christopher Venter of SHOE Pedals, the Looking Glass is ideal for tone shaping, glassy boost and light overdrive. The symmetrical clipping is ultra-responsive, so the pedal can go from one end of the spectrum to the other with not only a flick of a switch, but with pick attack alone.

The Looking Glass comes with a unique Input Filter feature that tames overly bright guitars and interacts with your guitar's pickups to help you cut through the mix without shredding the audience's ears. The versatile, intuitive pre-drive Bass Cut and post-drive Treble controls help you retain clarity in the mix or dial in any raunchy raw tone you desire.

True bypass ensures that your guitar's tone is pristine, even when the pedal is turned off. The power supply input makes the DOD Looking Glass pedalboard friendly, and the tough aluminum chassis stands up to heavy use.