Marshall 1960AV 4 X 12 Angled Speaker Cabinet

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Nothing personifies the image of rock 'n' roll more completely than a wall of Marshall stacks. Though often imitated, nothing compares to the original. The world's first ever 4x12" cab was designed and built by Jim Marshall in 1962, and with it a legend was born. Since then we have made many thousands, which have appeared on stages all over the globe. To satisfy the increasingly diverse tastes of the modern guitarist, Marshall 4x12s are available with three distinctly different types of Celestion speaker: a) Standard 75 Watt 'G12T-75' speakers (1960A/B). b) Marshall/Celestion designed re-issue 25 Watt Greenbacks, 'G12M-25' (1960AC/BC). c) The extra warm sounding Marshall/Celestion 'Vintage' speaker [rated at 70 Watts each] (1960AV/BV). Each speaker type has its own individual character, so we urge you to try all three flavours before making your final decision. To ensure the ultimate in flexibility, the 1960A (angled), 1960B (straight), 1960AV and 1960BV cabs are switchable between Mono (4 or 16 Ohms) and Stereo (8 Ohms per side). The two Mono impedance options provide extra amp matching capability while the cabinets' stereo capability makes them ideal for rack systems which typically run in stereo. - Black grille cloth / white piping - Large white logo - Black elephant grain vinyl . . . . .