MOOER Shimverb Pro Twin series Effect pedal

$ 249.00 AUD
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The Twin Series ShimVerb Pro from Mooer is a powerful reverb and shimmer effects pedal with five reverb algorithms and five shimmer modes. The ShimVerb Pro uses floating-point DSP chips to ensure there is no tone loss. The pedal is capable of generating classic room, electro-mechanical plate, and spring reverbs to multi-octave pitch shifting sounds.

The pedal features dedicated controls for Dry, Wet, Hi Cut, Low Cut, Pre-Delay, and Decay. The two large knobs offer selections for five reverb types and five shimmer modes. A dedicated button engages an additional octave to the shimmer effect, while a switch controls the trail on/off function, which also toggles between true bypass and buffered bypass modes. Furthermore, the pedal features a save and recall function for one favorite reverb and shimmer setting. The ShimVerb Pro pedal is powered by a 9 VDC power supply (available separately).